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NEW ROGLASS Srl Via Torino, 6 – Via Milano, 11 20050 LISCATE (MI) Tel. (02) Fax (02) 95.87.001


In December 2016, the newly formed New Roglass Ltd. bought the two branches of the company of the existing Roglass sas, which for more than 30 years has carried out the processing and recovery of special non-dangerous waste, mainly with a glass matrix. During 2017 the company obtained authorization for a substantial modification of the plant, which involved the insertion of new machinery and the simultaneous increase in the quantities that can be treated to 40,000 tons per year. In 2020, plant expansion works were carried out on the existing plant in Via Torino. In April 2021, New Roglass purchased an area adjacent to Via Torino, where in 2022/2023 a new warehouse and a new flat glass treatment plant were built. In 2016, New Roglass Ltd. also purchased an area adjacent to the existing one (Via Milano, 11) , on which in 2018 it obtained the approval for the construction of a new treatment plant, which was built and started on 2 January 2019. Today the plant in Via Milano, 11 is allowed to process 68,200 tons/year of glass matrix waste. New Roglass Srl started the certification process in 2019 according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards. The certification was issued on 28/07/2020 and recently renewed (July 2023). New Roglass Srl currently manages and treats in its plants about 90,000 tons of scrap per year with predominantly glass matrix.