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FERVER Membership

The conditions of becoming/being a member of FERVER are laid down in our Constitution, in the Rules of Procedure and in some of our decisions. As these documents do not clearly describe the criteria of admission of members, this note aims to clarify it, by defining objective criteria for the evaluation of future members of FERVER.

Elements present in FERVER Documents


  1. Only legal persons can be a member (art. 3 Bylaws)
  2. Members are represented by their formally delegated representatives (Doc. About membership of FERVER, 2009)
  3. The new member must be an autonomous enterprise or an affiliated member who treat materials that are closely related to glass. (Art. 3 Rules of procedure)
  4. The member must operate as core business a glass recycling plant or facility able to process mainly at least one of the following materials like packaging glass, flat glass … from municipal collection, fillers, construction … to produce final products which meet the specifications of the glass industry on a continuous way. The word “recycling” refers to the definition of R5 in annex II of Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on waste and repealing certain Directives:
    R5: Recycling/Reclamation of other inorganic materials. This includes soil cleaning resulting in recovery of the soil and recycling of inorganic construction material
  5. A recycling company can be considered as a potential member of FERVER when no more than 49% of its shares are owned by a glass producing company. (Doc. About Membership of FERVER, 2009 – decision General Assembly 2008)
  6. Members will keep each other informed about any relevant change to their profile, their administration and the activities of their companies (Art. 4 Rules of procedure)
  7. The member is required to respect the association’s Articles of Incorporation and FERVER’s internal regulations, to undersign the Ethical Code of Correct Practice of FERVER as well as paying membership fees set on an annual basis by the General Assembly (Art. 4 Bylaws)
  8. The member must declare himself ready to respect the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure and to accept the principle of solidarity towards the other members. He must also be prepared to accept the decisions taken by the organs of the Federation, in particular decisions taken by a majority vote. (Art. 3 Rules of procedure)
  9. Members will always support the Federation as the authority which expresses and defends the common interests of our profession. In turn, they are entitled to be supported by the Federation insofar as each of them subscribes to the form and content of the general code of conduct laid down in the fundamental documents and in the relevant decisions of FERVER. (Art. 4 Rules of procedure)
  10. When they are given specific mandates in the framework of the Federation, they shall take these responsibilities seriously and keep the others regularly informed. (Art. 4 Rules of procedure)
  11. All the members are entitled to participate in the work of the Federation
  12. The candidature of a new member is introduced to the Secretary General who prepares a file to submit the candidacy to the Steering Committee for examination/evaluation. Content of the file: history of the company, description of the activities, employment, turnover, shareholding.
  13. The General Assembly is competent to approve the candidacy of new members.

Please contact Mr Olivier De Weerdt for further information via email by clicking on the button below to make a membership request.

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