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Our organisation is built around three bodies: the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly possesses all powers necessary for the realization of the association’s objectives. All members are part of the General Assembly. The number of countries is unlimited. Convoked by the Board of Directors, the General Assembly will meet every year, under the chairmanship of FERVER’s President, at the venue chosen by the General Assembly itself.

The Board

The association is managed by the Board of Directors, composed of the President, the Vice-President and the Chairperson of the Steering Committee. They will act as a group.

The President of FERVER is the President of the Board.
The Board meets in June and in November every year, or after a special convocation from the President and/or the Secretary General.

Secretary General


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, composed of voluntary members, meets in Brussels 4 times a year and coordinates the work of the following priority issues as for instance:

  • Life Cycle Thinking, Recyclability, Recycling and collection targets
  • End of Waste: transforming waste into a product
  • End of Life of Vehicules: automotive glass
  • Heavy metals, Vitroceramics
  • Glass recycling targets
  • Carbon emissions
  • Use of aggregates
  • Sustainability
  • PVB recycling
  • Safety
  • Waste shipment