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M36 Meeting of the SUNRISE project

22 May 2024

The M36 Meeting of the SUNRISE project was successfully held at the Lurederra Technology Center in Los Arcos, Spain. Representatives from all project partners, including our Secretary General and Vice-President attended the meeting, presenting the progress made in their respective Work Packages and tasks aimed at achieving the project’s objectives.

This meeting provided an excellent opportunity for participants to discuss key project topics and the challenges encountered over the past months.

The day following the Review Meeting, attendees participated in the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop, also held at the Lurederra Technology Center. This event, following the first workshop in Copenhagen, was significant as it facilitated interactions between project partners and external stakeholders, including industry representatives, regulatory authorities, and the scientific community. Additionally, representatives from projects with common goals to SUNRISE were present, enhancing collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange.

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