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The European ambition to connect the glass packaging ecosystem

Close the Glass Loop is a European industry platform to unite the glass collection and recycling value chain. It aims to improve recycling so that Europe recycles more and better. The initiative gathers twelve European federations representing glass manufacturers, processors, brands, Packaging Recovery Organisations and municipalities.

This project has many objectives:

  • To increase the glass collection up to 90% by 2030;
  • To increase the quality of recycled glass;
  • To promote selective collection of glass to increase the quality of untreated cullet;
  • To optimize sorting and treating systems.

All this by exchanging knowledge and best practices through a collaborative platform. Stakeholders of the sector can make a difference and improve the circularity of glass in line with EU recycling targets for 2030.

The 13 founders partners are committed to the Close the Glass Loop project:

  • FEVE: the European Container Glass Federation;
  • FERVER: the European Federation of Glass Recyclers;
  • CEEV: the Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins;
  • EFBW: European Federation of Bottled Waters;
  • spiritsEurope;
  • UNESDA: Soft Drinks Europe;
  • EXPRA: Extended Producer Responsability Alliance;
  • PROsPA represented by CITEO: Producer Reponsability Organisations Packaging Alliance;
  • ACR+;
  • Eurocities;
  • Municipal Waste Europe;
  • AIJN: European Fruit Juice Association;
  • PROFEL: European Association of Food and Vegetable Processors.

They expressed their interest in the project through a symbolic video:

More information on the “Close the Glass Loop” programme is available on the website :